Topic: Dietricha Bonhoeffer´s message

Author: Prof. Dr. Ján Liguš, PhD. (KU Praha)

Venue: POLIS Foundation

Date: 17th June 2011



How to face the evil? What can an individual do against political predominance? Is a Christian allowed to kill?  On his life path and ethical practice development and philosophical development of how he views the world and, one is moved forward by encounter with the good, and evil as well. Dietrich Bonhoeffer´s life story itself includes a paradox. When he came across the message written in the Scripture, he was led to make career as a theologian and priest in evangelical Church in pre-war Germany. Confronted with the reality of Nazism and practical steps of German fascism, he started to feel internal dilemma. This exceptional theologian, thinker and educationalist, author of the worldwide famous work Ethics, decided to join the team that had prepared Hitler´s assassinating. When betrayed, he went to prison and was condemned. Shortly before Germany capitulated, he had been executed. Worldwide expert on Dietrich Bonhoeffer´s works Prof. ThDr. Ján Liguš, PhD., currently working at Charles University of in Prague, has accepted our invitation. 

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